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Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions, LLC, (AGS) has developed and patented a first-of-its-kind, pure geopolymer concrete material that is superior in every respect to traditional high-quality concrete, particularly in extreme environments. This award-winning, U.S.-based geopolymer product has the ability to provide a superior alternative to concrete in a broad range of high-temperature, extreme environments across a broad range of industries, including construction, power production, and oil and gas.

AGS’ low-calcium, high corrosion-, and temperature-resistant geopolymer-based concrete and grouts are the purest, highest-quality geopolymer products available. Combined with a proprietary curing system, AGS can produce durable surfaces that are highly resistant to extreme heat (2800° F), chemical, acid, and salt corrosion, and can be cured and ready for use in hours, rather than days or longer. AGS geopolymer is affordable, recycles fly ash, which is otherwise a waste product, and can be cast, sprayed, poured, and troweled for a wide variety of pre-formed and custom applications.

This revolutionary material can be used as a building product in any concrete application, including dry-cast bricks, blocks, pavers, roof tiles, cast stone, and pre-cast pipes. AGS geopolymer can also be used for well casings in oil and gas production, and AGS is developing other products for oilfield use.