Geopolymer Basics

Geopolymer: Wonder Material for the Next Decade

Geopolymer Basics

Examining how geopolymer materials are made and the materials they are made from. Benefits and superior characteristics of geopolymer materials versus traditional concrete.

The Basics of Geopolymer Technology

Geopolymer Basics

Basics on what geopolymer is, how it is made, and the Geopolymer Laboratory in the Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech University where it was developed.

Steel Industry

EMI Shielding Information

Electro Magnetic Interference Materials

What EMI (electromagnetic interference) is, where it emits from, and how geopolymer materials can be used to shield our exposure to it.

EMI Research Paper

Electro Magnetic Interference Materials

Study on the examination of using steel industry waste to develop geopolymer composites for cost effective EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding.

Oil & Gas Industry

Well Cement & Proppant Presentation

Well Cementing

A comparison between the geopolymer and ceramic materials used in well cementing and proppants and the benefits of selecting geopolymer materials.

Geopolymer Based Proppants


The development and benefits of a fly ash geopolymer-based proppant technology to support ‘fracking’ applications in tight shale formations.

Dept. of Defense & Federal Government

Geopolymer Concrete for the Repair of Rocket Launch Pads

Rocket Launch Pads

A joint research effort by Louisiana Tech University and NASA’s Stennis Space Center to develop geopolymer concrete able to withstand the extreme high temperatures of a rocket launch.

Fast Setting Applications of Advanced Geopolymer

Fast Setting Applications

Geopolymeric formulations capable of preventing steel corrosion, achieving long-term sustainability, and reducing infrastructure construction and maintenance expenses.

Construction Industry

Functional Geopolymer Pervious Concrete

Pervious Alternative Concrete Formula

A brief discussion of our special pervious/permeable concrete that contains voids and possesses high water permeability that’s useful in many applications requiring high porosity.

GreenFill – Innovative, 100% Recyclable Fill Material

Aggregate Backfill

Introduction of GreenFill, a controlled low-strength material (CLSM) with 100% green, recyclable material deploying geopolymer binder technology at a competitive price.

Coastal Environmental Protection

Oil Spill Cleanup and the Connection To Geopolymer Base Materials

Oil Spill Cleanup

An environmentally green approach to oil spill cleanup using industrial and agricultural waste-based magnetic silica sorbent material.

Materials for Radiation Shielding and Cement-Free Concrete

Radiation Shielding

Comparing the environmental differences between fly ash geopolymer concrete and conventional CO2-producing portland cement.