Our research scientists have identified multiple raw materials and developed innovative processes that provide exceptional products for geopolymer formulated superior or alternative innovative solutions. These products range from natural minerals/wastes, raw materials from industrial and agricultural wastes, and recycled materials.

AGS has identified 25+ uses of waste/natural materials with over 35+ applications that can provide eco-friendly alternatives to traditional concrete material products. This will provide either superior product performance, a savings in cost, and reduces our planet’s carbon footprint. Useful materials include such by-products as mining, fly ash, steel and aluminum residue.

A few of the industries we have researched and performed experiments for include:

Power Plants (Thermal Coal Burning & Nuclear)

Abundant availability of raw materials in vicinity of shale plays. Higher sulfate resistance compared with traditional cementitious grouts. Lower shrinkage reducing potential cracking. Little or no environmental costs. Can handle high pressure and high temperatures. Applications include:

  • Stabilization of Fly Ash
  • Renewable Energy
  • Radiation Shielding
  • Underground Thermal Backfill

Construction Industry

Geopolymer concrete mix designs can be obtained using the ACI 211.1 guideline with certain modifications. Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions has developed a mix design software to account for the extra variables related to GPC mix design formulation.  Geopolymer concrete can be designed for compressive strengths ranging from 2,000 to 16,000 psi, slumps from 0 to self leveling and different exposure conditions including freeze-thaw, corrosive environments and elevated temperature/fire. Applications include:

  • Road Repair – Heavy Traffic Areas
  • Backfill as an Aggregate Material
  • Airports – Fast Setting Areas
  • Pre-Fabricated Panels
  • Sound Insulation Panels
  • Electrification of Highways – Luminescent geopolymer concrete
  • 3D Printing
  • Inorganic Resin for Asphalt/Flexible Road Construction Binder
  • Pervious Alternative Concrete Formula
  • Volcanic Crete

Department of Defense & Federal Government

Tests conducted at the NASA Stennis Space Center demonstrated geopolymer erosion rates of half of commercial refractory products when exposed to a flame of 4000˚F. Can handle continuous temperatures of up to 2800 degrees F. Applications include:

  • Rocket Launch Pads
  • Radiation Shielding
  • Bunkers
  • Access Barriers
  • Rocket Launch Pads

Sewer Rehabilitation / Repair Industry

Sprayed Reinforced Geopolymer will be a better alternative to repairing our nation’s critical infrastructure as AGS sprayed geopolymer concrete has improved adhesive characteristics versus conventional concrete in regards to abrasion and chemical resistance. Sprayed geopolymer additionally adheres to concrete as an innovative repair material more effectively than repairing with traditional OPC. Applications include:

  • Reinforcement Sprayed Coatings

Chemical Plants

Geopolymer resists the action of most common industrial acids, such as sulfuric and nitric, etc. Geopolymer is a very cost-effective alternative to organic polymers. Applications include:

  • Refractory Materials
  • Alternative Fertilizer – Sustained Release Geopolymer Fertilizers

Steel Industry

Using these waste materials as an innovative material solution for the production of dozens of useful products that transcends multiple industries using a lead-free, non-toxic alternative concrete. Applications include:

  • Electro Magnetic Interference Materials

Coastal Environmental Protection

Geopolymer alternative solutions provide both non-porous and permeable materials to control coastal erosion and other environmental situations where traditional concrete falls short for long-term performance. Applications include:

  • Seashores
  • Offshore Windfarms
  • Coastal Erosion

Oil & Gas Industry

Geopolymer provides exciting alternative solutions in multiple uses versus using traditional concrete for proppants and well cementing. Superior properties of less abrasive materials with high heat & chemical resistance provide both performance products that also are less disruptive on expense drilling equipment. Applications include:

  • Proppants
  • Well Cementing

Building Materials

AGS can develop a wide range of concrete replacement products such as pipes, manholes, bridge decks, paver bricks, etc. Our solutions can be customized to provide high thermal, corrosive resistance, and environmentally friendly concrete products. Applications include:

  • Fire Resistant Coatings
  • Inorganic Geopolymer Resin for Lumber/Wood/Plywood Industries
  • Pre-Fabricated Products
  • Roofing Tiles
  • Geopolymer Bricks