Functional Geopolymer Pervious/Permeable Concrete (FGPC):

Application Areas The pervious/permeable concrete is a special concrete that contains voids and possesses high water permeability, and it is useful for: Urgent Need of FGPC: The frequent occurrence of storms is responsible for the problems of stormwater runoff. To control the stormwater runoff and reduce the water and soil…

High-Heat Cement Gives Ashes New Life

An article in “Nasa Spinoff” detailing our extreme heat experiments at the Stennis Space Center.

AGS Featured by the Oil and Gas Innovation Center

Oil and Gas Innovation Center, a showcase technology center for oil & gas executives, featured AGS as a new technology that may be used as Proppants and Well Cementing for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies. The website is currently unpublished but a screenshot of the article follows.

Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions Wins Startup Prize

A follow-up article in the “Shreveport Times” covering being awarded the Louisiana Startup Prize.

Finalists For Startup Prize Announced

An article in the “Shreveport Times” about our entry into the Louisiana Startup Prize.

Geopolymers: Promising Materials For Underground Applications

An excellent article in “Underground Construction” discussing geopolymer uses and their benefits.

‘Green’ Concrete Developed

An article in “Science Daily” about the development of our geopolymer concrete solution.